Who is Zero Net
What is the Zero Net Design
Built in Iowa

The Zero Net Design/ Benefits to NetZero Design

Zero Net’s composite wall and roof panels, combined with revolutionary building methods are neither traditional nor modular. The technology offers many benefits:

  • All design is first modeled in the virtual world.
  • Advanced engineering and modeling process takes the model from the computer to the cutting machine for highly accurately prepared custom panels.
  • The design reduces the number of skilled tradesmen needed.
  • Simplifies design – actual design components are reduced.
  • Building components are termite resistant.
  • Zero Net expects that testing will find the panels will slow the spread of a fire.
  • The construction creates a tight “envelope.” The building is connected and closed leaving no “holes” in the structure.
  • Any finish texture can be applied inside and out.
  • Zero Net’s breakthrough wall and roof panels will reduce heat loss in winter and limit heat gain in summer.
  • Constructs quickly. An average building shell using Zero Net’s design can standing with doors and windows installed within 30 days.
ZERO NET, LLC • 5525 Meredith Drive • Suite F • Des Moines, IA 50310 • (515) 554-3812