Who is Zero Net
What is the Zero Net Design
Built in Iowa

The Zero Net Design/How Does Design Differ?

The Zero Net design is not alone among the options for energy efficient design. Structural insulated panels (SIPs) and Shotcrete are both similar to Zero Net’s design.

SIPs, like the Zero Net design, uses expanded polystyrene (EPS). However, unlike Zero Net, the EPS is sandwiched between two sheets of oriented strand board.

Shotcrete also uses EPS. The EPS core includes an extensive rebar skeleton and liquid concrete is “shot” on. Instead of using oriented strand board or rebar, Zero Net’s design uses fiber reinforced concrete for its strength. The Zero Net system isn’t an interlocking panel system like SIPS. Zero Net panels are glued with a substance that, when dry, is actually stronger than the EPS itself.

The Zero Net design is a unique blending of traditional construction, SIPs and Shotcrete. Both SIPs (link to www.sips.org in separate window) and Shotcrete (link to www.shotcrete.org in separate window) have extensive organizations and Zero Net encourages you to review their techniques as well.

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