Who is Zero Net
What is the Zero Net Design
Built in Iowa

The Zero Net Design

While our goal is to encourage the use of numerous energy efficient technologies, Zero Net, LLC is proud to offer a cutting edge design of our own.

The 2x4 “traditional stick home” has been around for more than 100 years. Across the United States, 99 percent of homes have been built with traditional 2x4 or, more recently, 2x6 framework. In the hundred-plus years since the first 2x4 home was built, there have been hundreds of new processes and technologies that can be used in new construction.
Zero Net, LLC was formed to advance a revolutionary new building system. The system replaces conventional building materials and techniques. It utilizes a composite core structure of expanded polystyrene which is treated with a special fiber reinforced concrete coating on both the interior and exterior surfaces.

Using this technology, which has a patent pending, Zero Net, LLC plans to produce homes and other structures which use the Zero Net design. Zero Net’s technology will offer a reduced first cost, produce substantial energy savings and be maintenance free while producing a more healthy and comfortable environment to work and live.

ZERO NET, LLC • 5525 Meredith Drive • Suite F • Des Moines, IA 50310 • (515) 270-2530